Dandelion: make a wish

Dandelion: Make a Wish

It was a lovely spring morning in California. Siberia was walking through the park when the light wind mussed her curly hair, and some locks fell in her face making it difficult to see. But it was also hard for her to figure out her future. Not only she fell into a deep hole of insecurity and anxiety, but also, she fell literally into the floor.

Everything came dark for a moment. Then she opened her eyes, and a single dandelion was expecting her. It looked as if it were dreamily situated there. At that moment, something came to her mind: someone told her that if she found one, she must blow it and make a wish. Smiling, she lifted it and stood up. She closed her eyes, feeling how the wind mussed her hair again, and then she just blew it. The little spores flew away like little parachutes in the sky. Siberia stared there with a little smile while she was traveling to her wish.

Now she is sitting in the back of a van by the sea. Watching the stars and saying thank you for the courage she got that day to keep on her dream, her wish. But what was it? She wanted enough bravery to pursue it because sometimes we don’t need a genius in a lamp to make all our hopes real. We just need bravery.

Imagine you have the frogs, but you don’t kiss them. It’s the same if you have your aspirations but don’t do anything to achieve it. So, now if you have your goal, start to work.


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