We are storytellers

we are storytellers copia

Did you know we are natural storytellers? The world and our story are full of them. Human beings are always telling stories. Always? Yes, we are. There is always a story to tell. Everyone has one. Even if we do not think we are doing it, we are. We spend most of our life telling stories, even if we do not realize it. 

I am sure today you spoke with your mother, a friend or your couple about your day or something funny that happened in the store or on the subway. You are a native storyteller, the better or the worst, but you are one. 

Have you ever seen the famous rock art or cave painting found in caves? Even when we hadn’t a complex language, we tried to keep our story in a simple wall. This kind of painting reminds me of children. When they did not know how to speak, they try to tell stories by drawing. And what do they paint? The things they know. 

The necessity to keep mementoes has always been there. Maybe for future generations or only to have a way to rekindle that moment: painting, photography, or cinema. Oh, the cinematographer. The cinematographer was a revolutionary invention. The motion was even scary for someone. 

Have you ever listened to the story about the first movie Lumiere Brothers projected (1895)? In the movie “L’arrivée d’un train à La Ciotat”, a train arrive to a station. The first feeling of the public was the train was going out of the screen and running over them. The story – see, again, is a story- says they screamed and ran away.

And now more than ever. Where do you see stories every day? If you are thinking about social media, you are right. We see every day the life -story- our friends want to tell us, and we narrate the story we want to show to the rest of the world. We love to read/see the life of others, and we also like to be seen. 

But this is a long topic, maybe for another post. Just remember: Our life is a story that we live. So, please, do not only tell your story. Please, live it. 


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